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  Sonja L. Smith  

Founder and Director

Founder’s Notes 


Since 2007, Friends Academy of Music Education (FAME) has been providing the opportunity for music study to students at any level of development or ability. Our programs provide the foundation students need for developing musical talents, including familiarity with reading music, development of a musical ear, and patterns of consistent practice. We accept students of all ages and specialize in teaching ages 4 – 18. Our programs are designed around musical instruction that is best suited for these specific ages. 


Believing that cultural enrichment can be rewarding at any age, FAME also offers instruction for adult beginners as well as those adults with previous musical training. Adults are also welcome to enroll. If you are older or seeking lessons on an instrument that is not listed, please feel free to contact us to discuss specific arrangements.


Courses of instruction are individually outlined to suit the needs of each student. Whether the student is a young beginner, intermediate, or interested in a professional career in music, the faculty can give skilled, individualized instruction at each level.



We’d love to hear from you! 

Tel: 704-819-2974 

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