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  Programs Tailored Made for All Needs    

  Private Lessons   
  Private Lessons   

Private lessons provide each student with a wonderful opportunity to receive individualized, custom instruction from the teacher. Students receive a well-balanced program and, most importantly, enjoy the journey! Our faculty is comprised of professional, experienced, motivating teachers who have a love for teaching music. Whether you are interested in piano, guitar, voice, strings, brass, woodwind or percussion lessons, we will work with you to find the instructor best suited to your individual learning needs and musical goals.

Group Lessons   

Group study provides a cost effective way for students to initiate or enhance music study. In some cases, students can sign up for classes in various disciplines all in one day and the social aspect of group study can provide a welcome dynamic of collaboration and camaraderie for the student who studies privately. These classes can provide a student's first steps into the world of music or serve as a springboard into, and in support of private lessons. Using this exciting approach and small class sizes, students can discover the joys of music by learning to read music, performing, singing, listening, discussing, and composing, all while fully engaging the potential of their imagination.

Empty Orchestra Stage
The Band Ensemble   

FAME now offers "The Band Ensemble" (30 – 45 minute group lessons) is designed to allow students to learn how to play an instrument for the first time, or gain additional experience, and practice beginning to intermediate level music in a small ensemble setting.  Students will learn to produce a good tone, contrast in dynamics, appropriate style and articulations and a display of enough technical ability in order to read and perform the selected ensemble music.  Students will also learn to blend and balance with the rest of the ensemble.  Band members will also engage in listening, melodic and rhythmic dictation.  This ensemble will look forward to a performance at FAME’s Annual Spring Recital.  

*Please note that students are asked to provide portable music stands. Music will be provided by FAME.  

Summer Programs    

FAME offers a nine-week summer program with courses in wind, percussion, guitar, violin, and piano. 

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