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Policies and Fees

We believe any education is an investment. The following policies exist to ensure that our students develop an appreciation for music and personal values that will help them succeed throughout life. We seek to develop a student’s character through values of consistency, dedication, integrity, and a positive attitude. We want our students to enjoy learning. Please contact us with any questions regarding these policies.


  • Student Age

  • Schedule

  • Fees

  • Lesson Payment Policies

  • Attendance Policies

  • Practice Policy


Student Age / Experience

We accept students of all ages (adults included). Our youngest students begin at age 4. We accept students from all experience levels. Please feel free to contact us to discuss specific arrangements. Piano lessons are highly recommended for beginning students. This will provide the foundation they need for further musical training including: familiarity with reading music, development of a musical ear, and patterns of consistent practice. 



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Instruction in piano, guitar, strings, wind instruments, brass instruments and percussion are offered. The instruction will be offered in thirty minute and/or hour blocks.  




Standard lessons include a half hour of one-on-one instruction with an experienced teacher who is trained to make the most of lesson time. Packaged lessons begin at $120 per month for four 30 min lessons. These lessons are for students who are trying to determine interest, establish compatibility with an instructor, or who desire flexibility in their schedule.

One-time Per Student Registration Fee - $60.00  

(Registration fee must be paid by first payment and is nonrefundable)     





Monthly Payments 

  •  $120.00 (30min lessons);  $240.00 (hour lessons)




One recital per year is FREE to enrolled students. Any additional fees for  rehearsals, competition, or master class will be provided in advance of events and as needed.



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Lesson Payment Policies

Payment is due in advance of lessons. Standard per lesson fees will apply for lessons that are not prepaid. Friends Academy of Music Education accepts most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc). We also accept checks and cash (exact amounts only). As a convenience, we can keep your credit card on file and bill automatically at the end of the preceding month.  


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Attendance Policies

Please be considerate of your teacher and arrive early. If a student is late, their time may not extend beyond the scheduled time slot and they will likely forfeit part of their time. If you need to reschedule a lesson please provide advanced notice ONE FULL day before your lesson otherwise it will be considered a used lesson.


We understand circumstances change and can allow ONE rescheduled lesson a month for packaged lessons to address illness or emergency circumstances. This lesson must be made up within 7 days according to instructor availability. Contact our office regarding these situations.  Consistency is vital to making progress and reaching goals.


If one of our assigned teachers is absent we will provide a substitute. If no teacher is available during your scheduled lesson time we will reschedule or credit your account. Arrangements for single lessons can be scheduled on a case by case basis. Standard per lesson fees will apply.


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Practice Policy

Students are expected to practice a minimum of 4 days a week. The length of each daily practice session depends on the age of the student. We want our students to enjoy the process of learning and experience the fulfillment of achieving goals. Lessons are designed to optimize the talent of each student, and regular practice will help optimize this lesson time. If a student has issues practicing their teacher and a guardian will meet to discuss goals and how to reestablish a routine.




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